Plastic Random Packing

Plastic Random Packing

Listed below are the plastic random packing options offered by Raschig USA. These options are a lighter weight alternative to the original raschig ring, with different levels of chemical resistance available according to the chosen plastic resin.

These plastic packings are commonly found in environmental applications involving scrubbing and stripping of different contaminants. For example, air stripping can remove VOCs, H2S, CO2, BETX, NH3, or more from water. Similarly, Packed bed wet scrubbers can remove H2S, acid gases, SO2, amines, or more from air.

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Random Packing: Plastic

Jaeger Tri-Packs(R)

Jaeger Tri-Packs®

Made in the USA, this spherical random packing is the ideal shape for packed beds.

All sizes of this product in polypropylene are NSF 61 listed for potable water contact. As such, only virgin resin direct from a primary supplier is used, ensuring the rigid requirements of NSF are met.

Product flyer also available in Spanish.

Low Profile Ring

Low Profile Rings

High-performance random packing. As such, this packing supports high transfer rates, excellent gas and liquid dispersion characteristics, and good fouling resistance.

Product flyer also available in Spanish.

The Raschig Super Ring(R) in polypropylene

Raschig Super Rings®

The famous forth generation random packing, available in select sizes in plastic.

Star Ring

Star Rings

Random packing equivalent for column repacks.

Pall Ring

Pall Rings (Jaeger Rings, Ballast Rings, Basic Rings, etc.)

Traditional plastic random packing for scrubber, stripper, and biological applications.

Tours Saddle


Traditional random packing for multiple applications.

General Information for Random Packing

Maximum Temperature Tolerances of Available Plastic Resins: Maximum Temperature resistance of plastics.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 61 Potable Water Certification: Our listed random packings are the three sizes of the Jaeger Tri-Packs® in polypropylene.

The Cole-Parmer® Chemical Compatibility Database: Chemical resistance of plastics and metals.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Random Plastic Packings: Tips and tricks.

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