Wastewater Treatment Products

Wastewater Treatment Products

Packings and supporting products for wastewater trickling filters at municipal water treatment plants. The media supports biological growth that destroys BOD (biological oxygen demand) of the wastewater.

Pictured below are several popular wastewater treatment products that Raschig USA offers. Each image links to a handout with more information.

Trickling Filter Media and Products



The preferred media for replacing rock media in existing trickling filters. They are used extensively in anaerobic and aerobic submerged attached growth reactors while offering low installation costs. It is also offered in larger sizes.



A high performance carrier element for MBBR and IFAS processes. Its innovative design for increased biomass concentration helps reduce the tank volume required for wastewater treatment. It offers a cost-effective solution for retrofitting existing treatment systems or for new plants.


N-Dec® Support Grating

A modular PVC support for random dump bio media. It is protective, skid resistant, and suitable for new systems as well as for retrofitting existing bio-trickling units.

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