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Industries we serve

Air Stripping, Packed Bed Wet Scrubbers, Water Only Scrubbing, Distillation, Cooling Tower Drift Elimination, WWTP Trickling Filters and MBBR Units

Wastewater Treatment Products

Trickling Filter Media, MBBR Moving Bed
Biofilm Reactor Media, Biological Growth
Support Products

Products & Information

Mass Transfer Tower Internals
Plastic Packings – Random and Structured
Metal Packings – Random and Struckured
Support Plates, Mist Eliminators, Saddles,
Liquid Distributors

About Raschig USA

Plastic and Metal Tower Packings, Random
and Structured, Wastewater Treatment
Media, Tower Internals

Design Services

Cooling Tower Products

Film Fill

Drift Eliminators

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