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Extending back to the development of the raschig ring circa 1914, Raschig USA today is part of a worldwide team specializing in mass transfer and wastewater treatment products. A wide variety of mass transfer applications use our products. For instance, our random packing is found in applications ranging from distillation to environmental scrubbing and stripping of contaminants. In addition, we can also supply support structures, surface grating, and biological growth support media for trickling filters.

To find more information on our products please reach out to us by email, the contact us page, or by phone at +1 (817) 695-5680.

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New Products – Raschig Super Ring® Plus.

The Raschig Super Ring® Plus offers improvements in capacity, pressure drop, and efficiency from the previous generation of random packing. Click here to learn more.

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Industries we serve: Air Stripping, Packed Bed Wet Scrubbers, Water Only Scrubbing, Degasifiers, Distillation, WWTP Trickling Filters and MBBR Units, & More.

Mass Transfer Products

Random packing (Metal, plastic, and ceramic) including Jaeger Tri-Packs®, Raschig Super Rings® and raschig rings.

Structured packing (Metal, plastic, and ceramic) including Raschig Super-Pak®.

Column internals such as mist eliminators, hold down plates, support grids, and liquid distributors.

Trays for distillation columns, & more.

Wastewater Treatment Products

Trickling filter media, MBBR moving bed biofilm reactor media, biological growth support products.

Design Services

Air Stripping/Wet scrubbing applications including H2S Odor Control, SO2 Scrubbing with NaOH, and more.

About Raschig USA

Raschig USA specializes in plastic and metal tower packings (Random and Structured), wastewater treatment media, tower internals, and more.

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