Cooling Tower Products

Cooling Tower Products

Cooling Tower Film Fill Media.


Dura-Pac® is our line of PVC film fill media that is widely used within the cooling tower and wastewater industries. We offer fill media for all sorts of towers, such as crossflow and counterflow, as well as drift eliminators. We can also offer specialty low-fouling fill for operations with poor water quality with our vertical-fluted or offset-fluted fill. If you want to learn more, each image links to a technical handout with more information.

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Counterflow Cooling Tower Fill Media

Cooling Tower Film Fill Media XF48.


Cooling Tower Film Fill Media XF68.

XF68 & XF68AT

Dura-Pac® XF48 and XF68 are our cross-fluted modular film fill media made of rigid PVC sheets which conform to CTI STD-136, just like all of our fill media. They are ideal for counterflow applications and feature enhanced water distribution by splitting the water stream as it falls through the cooling tower fill pack.

Crossflow Cooling Tower Fill Media

Cooling Tower Crossflow Film Fill Media XF75.


Cooling Tower Crossflow Film Fill Media XF75.


Dura-Pac® XF75 is our herringbone film fill that is designed to evenly distribute water over the entire fill area, resulting in high thermal performance. It is generally used in crossflow towers and features integral drift eliminators (ID) and inlet louvers (IL).

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminators & Low Fouling Fill

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator DE-150.


Cooling Tower Film Fill Media OF21.


Dura-Pac® DE-150 is our high efficiency cellular drift eliminator. Its design allows for efficient drift reduction while minimizing pressure drop.

Dura-Pac® OF21 is our offset-fluted modular film fill media which combines the low fouling traits of our vertical flow media with the enhanced water distribution of our cross-fluted film fill, like the Dura-Pac® XF48.

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